Don’t Try To Settle A Case Involving A Trucking Accident Without The Help Of An Experienced Attorney

Trucking accidents are some of the most serious ones on the highway today. The size and weight of a truck can result in permanent or catastrophic injuries and even death. A victim of a trucking accident should never attempt to settle this type of case on their own and should contact a truck accident lawyer as quickly as possible.

Why Is It Important To Contact An Attorney Quickly?

Preservation of evidence involving a case is the main reason to contact an attorney as quickly as possible. An investigation into the maintenance of the truck and trailer will need to be completed, and the driver’s log will need to be examined. These types of records could be easily altered by the negligent driver or the company who owns the truck or trailer.

Driver’s Log

All tractor trailer truck drivers are regulated by the federal government. The number of hours they’re permitted to be on duty on a daily basis and the hours they’re allowed to work is logged either manually or electronically. If a driver has been on duty working for longer than they’re permitted, driver fatigue could be the cause of the accident.

Maintenance Of The Truck Or Trailer

The maintenance log of a truck or trailer must also be maintained. If there were problems with the brakes, steering, or other mechanical malfunctions that were not properly repaired, it could be used against the driver and owner. An investigation by experienced attorneys is necessary to determine the cause of a truck accident.

Permanent Injuries

Permanent injuries could involve brain damage, broken bones, nerve damage, the loss of a limb, disfigurement or the loss of life. A driver and their passengers could be eligible to receive a substantial financial settlement with the help of an experienced attorney. Permanent injuries could require medical assistance for the rest of a victim’s life and should be fairly compensated.

A trucking accident could change your life forever, both physically and financially. An experienced personal injury lawyer understands how serious a trucking accident can be and how complicated it can be to be successful in receiving a financial settlement. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a trucking accident, obtain a free consultation today from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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