How to Find Low Cost International Airfare

Traveling is a lot of fun and whether you are a new traveler or a seasoned traveler, finding low cost international airfare will always be helpful on your budget. Prices are going up due to higher fuel costs and you have to plan ahead before traveling and get the best deals for your airfare.Here are some tips to help you find low cost international airfare.Buy tickets from consolidators or ticket brokers. They sell tickets at discounted price bought directly from airlines. If you get lucky you can even find 50-70% discount. You can book tickets online or look at the travel section of newspapers for cheap airfares from consolidators. But you also have to consider that ticket consolidators don’t have control over the ticket with regards to changing dates and mileage accumulation and tickets are not refundable. If price is your priority then you can get the best deals from ticket consolidators but you have to be extra careful and research about the company to validate if they are legitimate.Compare airfare prices. Shop around online and compare prices to find low cost international airfare. Popular online travel agencies like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia don’t always have the lowest price but you still have to check them out to compare prices to get the best deals and find low cost international airfare. Look also at individual airline sites and look for lowest airfare rates. Always check airfare rates if you are serious on getting low international airfare and save money because airfare rates fluctuate constantly.Be flexible with you travel dates. Do not go with the crowd on holidays. Tickets are more expensive a day before and after holidays. If you could travel on the holiday itself or days before and after you can save a lot. You can also find low cost international airfare for flexible travel dates and save a lot if you don’t insist on specific dates and open for change of dates.Take advantage of specialty discounts. There are specialty discounts that you can find for your family, for students and for senior citizens online. You can find discounts, promotions, special fares allowing you to have a low cost international airfare and save a lot. This may include last minute reservations with hotel and car packages.There are a lot of ways to find low cost international airfare you just have to be patient and plan ahead to find the best deals. Use your time to find the best airfare that will meet your needs and save a lot of money.

Unani Gaining Popularity As an Alternative System of Medicine

Unani has a history of more than 5,000 years. It is being practiced by millions of patients across the world. Though it cannot be a replacement for modern medicine in terms of investigation, diagnosis and emergency care, it has been found to be effective in a number of chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, leucoderma etc.

Unani medicine system started off in Greece between 460 and 377 BC. Arabs and the Persians introduced Unani to India. It is based on the theory of Humoral where it is believed that every humor leads to a definite temperament in the human body. The system of Unani utilizes animal, plants and minerals products as curative agents for establishment of original humoral constitution.

Unani works on the basis of four individual humors and maintains a balance between the two. It creates equilibrium between various aspects of attitude, nutrition and hygiene. This is a traditional system of medicine which is based on findings of various Greek physicians. It gained popularity after it was adapted by Arab and Persian practitioner. During the rule of Delhi Sultanate, it became immensely popular in China and India.

Some of the popular products of Unani are Almond Oil and Egg Oil which are used for hair care. It is very much similar to Ayurveda as it is based on the elements of air, water, earth and fire. It is believed that imbalance of any of these elements leads to illness.

Unani is based on the concept of Black bile, Yellow bile, Phlegm and Blood. India has around forty Unani medical colleges where teaching of Unani medicine system is imparted. Unani arrived in India in the 13th century during the reign of Delhi Sultanate. It is believed that Alauddin Khilji recruited several Unani scholars and physicians in his royal court and this lead to development of Unani in India on a massive scale.

Unani seeks inspiration from teachings of Charaka and Sushrata. Hakim Ajmal Khan popularized the concept of Unani in India. It suffered during the British era where it lost government patronage but was revived again by various royal families of princely states.

Hippocrates who was a Greek philosopher and physician gave Unani the status of science. This medicine system owes its development to Iranian, Arab and Indian physicians. Now various governments across the world are recognizing Unani and allocating funds to ensure its development. Unani has definitely created a name for itself in the global medicine field.