Finding Cheap International Airfares Online

IATA (International Air Transport Association) conducts all international flights and almost all international airlines (94%) operate under this association. The pricing structure and all other decisions associated with an international flight are made by the IATA. They don’t normally give permission to international airlines to lower their rates if other airlines are offering regular airfares. However, they do sometimes allow consolidators to buy airline tickets in bulk at low price and sell them off to travelers.If you are searching for cheap airfares online, you will come across many websites offering national as well as international packages. These sites are composed of Mega Online agencies and B&M Travel agencies. Other sites are composed of travel consolidators who specialize in providing the best possible deals to their customers. You will find out that these sites have different international policies because of the fact that international airfares are mainly handled by the IATA.Airline Consolidator is a place where you will be able to find cheap international and domestic flights to many locations across the globe. Whether you are flying to Asia, Europe, Indian sub-continent or Africa, you will be able to locate an inexpensive flight and save up to 70% of your airfare. If you buy tickets directly from airlines, they will also tell you that this is the lowest possible rate any airline can offer. However, searching on these online resources you will find still cheaper airfares. Fareline International is another popular name under this category. They specialize in selling international airfares to Europe and Asia.While purchasing online it is recommended that you ask for the total cost of a ticket. Sometimes they list only the airfare exclusive of hidden charges. Some companies do not have additional charges if someone is paying by credit card. You will have to be careful in selecting your package depending on all these factors and other considerations. All requests made through e-mail are answered within 24 hours. Remember that the tickets sold by consolidators are sometimes ‘restricted’. This means that if you want to change your travel plans you will be given a penalty because they have to book flights in order to give all passengers the quoted price. Regular airfares allow you to travel more flexibly because they allow you to change your travel plans anytime. Of course, in the latter case you have to pay more.If you can’t find an international flight on any of these websites, you can call a travel expert and ask for advice. Sometimes airline names are not mentioned on consolidator websites. They will e-mail you all the details once you have purchased their package. This does not mean that their system is faulty; they have contracts with airlines which state that they cannot mention the airline names publicly. Mostly these airlines are the most popular international airlines of a country. Booking online sometimes help to save up to 40% of already cheap airfare. Sometimes you are not given a physical ticket; instead you will be receiving an ‘e-ticket’ or a confirmation number and some other details that you will be able to use at the airport to get into the plane.When you are buying international tickets from consolidators, it is your own responsibility to ensure that all your travel documents (passports and visas) are complete and legal. Read all instructions and company policies before buying your tickets or packages. They will not be responsible for any mishaps or loss of tickets once you have received your tickets. You will have to buy another package in such a case. Being careful in all these matters will help you travel wisely and without any major difficulty, and most of all travel affordably.